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One simple solution that manages your in house digital communication and marketing!
Real time reviews and multiple campaigns. Know what your guests really think and want right now!
Increase your control over online reviews
Target Guest Heroes
Easy to adopt. Compllete end to end solution. Set it up and let it run. With / Without PMS integration.
Staff notifications and trackable follow-ups. Alerts and critical guest complaint areas. Automated pre and post stay email campaigns; SMS and Instagram. Automated followups based on the guest experience.


Return on investment measured in hours

  • Increase occupancy and direct bookings

  • Turn your hotel Wi-Fi into a communication tool and reach 85% of your guests

  • A single solution delivers a comprehensive marketing and communication tool that will make a difference

  • Designed to easily fit into the existing Hotels' operational footprint.

  • Engaging your guests at the right time reduces annoyance and delivers big results

  • Protect your brand, upsell and maximise yield

  • Set it up and then let it run!

Keep it Simple

We know and appreciate most Hotels have limited time so we developed a solution that is fully automated but still customised for each guest experience.


Setting up the system is easy. For each guest response the system delivers contingent responses and followups based on each guests experience. If a guest gives you a low score you can setup the system to ask them again after you have had a chance to deal with the problem!

Typical review and survey solutions normally only achieve response rates of between 1% and 5%. With GuestScores we have seen response rates up to 63%. Imagine if you knew what 63% of your guests really think about your property while they are still in house and while you can actually do something about it.

Step One: Campaign Creation

Our cloud based platform lets you create any type of campaign you need. Pre Stay welcome emails or SMS's. In house reviews and upsell camapigns. Email follow-ups and SMS promotions

Once the campaign template has been created be it an email or SMS, you can decide when you want your guests to see this campaign.

Perhaps a pre stay email or SMS and then an inhouse review mid stay. a tailored follow-up email based on each guests satisfaction level and why not a series of future scheduled promotional SMS..

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