• Rob Fleischer

Why traditional ORM companies get so few reviews?

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

Why is it that services like Reviniate and ReviewPro receive so few responses?

Its really obvious actually.

Do you really care after you have already checked out?

Will it make a difference to your guest experience?

Not anymore. You've left already

What is the motivation for a guest to provide feedback after they have left already

Post stay reviews really dont work well.

You will capture the extremes - the really angry guests that are determined to let you know how bad the experience was. But what about the peoplle that were mildly dissatisfied?

Luckily they are not sufficiently upset to write a negative online review - but they probably wont be coming back.

Our research also finds that many negative guest reviews are about small things that the Hotel could fix, if they just had the opportunity.

The answer - engage your guests while they are still in house and while you can do something about it.

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